Hotel Savings People Are Making Every Time They Travel: Maybe You Should Too!

Many people think that staying in a hotel is a luxury they can’t afford, but this is simply not true, as there are plenty of hotels that don’t charge as much as five-star establishments but are more than enough to satisfy the needs of travellers. In addition, many hotels offer great deals on room rates depending on the season, plus there are numerous ways you can save.

Budget-savvy travellers have been making hotel savings every time they go on a trip, and you can–and should–as well. Here’s everything you need to know about cutting hotel costs.

Cheaper booking via discount codes

One of the best ways to get instant savings when booking hotels is by using discount codes. You can find discount codes at online voucher sites, and the options are many. You can find discount coupons for two-night packages and extended stays, which lets you pay less than the published rate of hotels. These codes can be used when booking directly at hotels, while some are applicable when you make reservations through third-party booking sites. Either way, you’ll get the benefit of slashing hotel costs without cutting out luxury from the equation. A nice place to start your search for coupon codes would be:

Special rates for organisations

If you’re a member of a professional, civic or academic organisation, you may be entitled to special rates at hotels. These discounts do not show up on booking engines, so you will have to contact the hotel directly to ask about association membership discounts.

Perks and discounts for credit card holders

If you shop mainly with your credit card or your credit card comes bundled with discounts to establishments, you could be eligible for lower hotel rates. Credit card companies often have partnerships with hotels that give you not only discounted rates but also the opportunity to earn more points every time you book.

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Parking fees

Some hotels offer free parking, while some don’t. Verify this information with the hotel so you can factor in the cost. Parking fees are usually counted on a daily basis, so for a stay exceeding three days, it would be more cost-effective to book at a hotel that offers free parking. If you don’t have a car at all, make sure your hotel knows so you don’t get charged for something you didn’t even use.


A hotel stay usually comes with a complimentary breakfast, but make sure you ask to be sure. Some hotels may offer discounted rates on rooms but the breakfast isn’t included, so when you do eat breakfast there you may end up paying more than expected. Hotels also have a reputation for overpriced meals, so if you want to save money, it would be better to take your meals outside.

Eating outside the hotel is a great opportunity to explore its environs and see what the city or town has to offer, with the added bonus of superb-tasting food–just ask the locals!

Hidden fees

Budget-savvy travellers know this only too well: there are plenty of hidden fees you can be charged with if you’re not careful, so ask about room rate inclusions. Laundry services, resort fees, late checkout, Wi-Fi and phone calls are just some of the fees that you shouldn’t pay for if you didn’t use those services anyway. Be vigilant, check your bill, and clarify exactly what you need to pay for upon booking.